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Why Emergency First Aid at Work Training Is So Important

Health & Safety

Most workplaces will have someone who is trained in First Aid. In fact, there are legal requirements for this to be in place. First Aid is something that encompasses a huge array of different areas, from knowing how to use a bandage properly and effectively to performing CPR.

Yes, there is a lot of scope involved with First Aid which is why a First Aid course is so valuable. First Aid courses come in numerous different forms but at Eduzuu we have designed the perfect Emergency First Aid at Work programme for you!

Emergency First Aid At Work

No workplace is 100% risk-free. Sure, the chances of accidents or harm taking place could be very slim but there is always risk. That is why a First Aid at Work course is so very valuable.

With our First Aid course, you’ll be trained in everything you need to know to help if something does happen to a member of staff or member of the public. Certain workplaces / environments will be more at risk than others, but every workplace needs someone who knows how to administer First Aid.

Our First Aid course covers everything you need to know including CPR, AEDs, choking, bleeding, shock, spinal injuries, broken bones, head injuries, sprains, burns, electrical shocks, eye injuries, heart attacks and more.

Our First Aid course also looks at how to properly record accidents and goes in-depth about what First Aid is and how to perform it effectively. With our Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher course, you get everything you need to know in one high-quality course.

Some people hold the view that First Aid training is unnecessary, but this is a very misguided and old-fashioned view to hold which is thankfully becoming less common over time. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your training, but you do need to know it just in case. Our refresher course is also designed to help people who have been trained before to ensure they are still fully up to speed.

It might seem like an exaggaration but a First Aid course can make the difference between life and death. So, to ensure your staff or even you yourself have the First Aid training and peace of mind you need, get in touch with the Eduzuu team.

Why First Aid Is So Important

First Aid courses are important because you never know when an accident will happen. Even with the best health and safety planning, the skills of a first aider can still be needed. For example, let’s say you work in a busy supermarket, you can put plans in place to reduce the likelihood of trips and falls can’t you?

Yes, they might still occur, but the risk is minimal. However, what if a customer or member of staff comes in and suffers a stroke or heart attack? How can you really plan for that? You can’t and so it is imperative to have some First Aid knowledge in case of this type of scenario.

The role of a professionally trained first aider is mainly to assess the scene / situation. They can then ensure accurate information is given to the appropriate emergency services, they may also liaise with emergency services in the interim to increase the patients' odds of survival.

Yes, putting things like plasters or bandages on people is classed as first aid and these sorts of actions are much more commonplace. But, if a more severe situation does occur, a professionally trained first aider can make a huge difference.

Finding A First Aid Course

Googling 'First Aid courses near me' used to be the go-to for getting your training booked. However, nowadays thanks to COVID-19 that really isn’t a safe option. At Eduzuu we have risen to the challenge by ensuring our amazing First Aid course is now available online!

This means you can get the professional training you need in a safe environment. So, if you are looking to boost your expertise and knowledge about Emergency First Aid at Work, get in touch with our team today.

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