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Achieving Food Hygiene Rating Level 5

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Achieving the much-coveted food hygiene rating level 5 is something every food provider in the UK strives for. 

If you handle food in some form for your business then you will need a food hygiene rating. This rating is incredibly important, and it covers all kinds of different outlets including restaurants, takeaways, food shops, and cafes.

Before we take a closer look at how you can increase your chances of achieving the food hygiene level 5 rating we need to take a more in-depth look at what these ratings mean and who set them up. So, let’s take a look at the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme in more detail, shall we?

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme has been set up by the Foods Standards Agency, a name anyone working within the food industry should know well. The Food Standards Agency is dedicated to assessing the levels of food safety across the UK.

Environmental Health Officers will carry out an assessment of your business to decide the rating. With level 5 being the best and level 0 being the worst. Numerous different things are looked at and some will be business-specific.

For example, a restaurant and a takeaway won’t have the exact same requirements to get a level 5. However, there is a lot of crossover when it comes to the criteria and the three main areas examined are hygienic food handling, the condition / cleanliness of the business premise, and finally food storage / safety management.

The Scoring Criteria 

As we mentioned earlier, there are 6 levels of scoring when it comes to the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. Now while getting a level 0 is of course not ideal, it doesn’t always mean the business will need to shut and can’t serve food. However, this rating will need to improve and quickly if the business wants to continue serving food.

Points are used during your assessment and the lower the score the better your level will be. As a benchmark, businesses will want to score no more than 20 points and ideally less than 15. Read below to see a brief outline of each score.

Level 0 – This level means there are significant failings and food safety is likely a big factor. If you score more than 50 points you will achieve this level and will likely need to make changes quickly to avoid being shut down.

Level 1 – If you score between 45 to 50 points you’ll achieve level 1. Food safety and general hygiene issues will likely be big problems that you will need to fix if you want to achieve a higher score. It’s not the worst level but it’s not good.

Level 2 – A score of 35 – 40 will net you a level 2. This will mean there will be significant improvements needed when it comes to your business around food safety, hygiene, and handling. Again, these improvements will need to be made quite quickly.

Level 3 – A score between 25 – 30 will get you a level 3. This is a satisfactory rating and means there is likely no immediate changes needed. However, it does signal that there is room for improvement.

Level 4 – A score between 16 - 20 will give you a level 4. This is a very respectful rating and will mean you have good levels of food safety, handling, and hygiene. There will likely only be a few minor issues that need addressing to achieve a level 5.

Level 5 – This level can only be awarded if you achieve a score between 0 – 15. It means you have high levels of food safety, hygiene, and handling. No changes will be needed if you achieve this impressive level.

Passing Your Inspection - Getting A Level 5 

So, now you know more about the scheme and scores how do you achieve a level 5? Well, an almost guaranteed way is with a food hygiene course! A food hygiene course will cover everything you need to know to increase your chances of achieving a level 5 and will help ensure you have the skills you need to ensure maximum food safety.

There would normally be numerous ways to attend a food hygiene safety course but nowadays opting for an online food hygiene course is your best option. COVID-19 has made in-person courses difficult while also highlighting the importance of a good Food Hygiene Rating!

So, why not try an online food hygiene course from Eduzuu? We have a large selection of different food safety courses available. We offer both levels 1 and 2 and have specialist courses for each sector including catering, manufacturing, and retail. We also offer a supervising food safety level 3 course as well.

A high-quality online food hygiene course isn’t the only way to boost your score though. We also have health and safety courses available. So, if you want to boost your score or are a new business looking to achieve a level 5 right away, Eduzuu can help.

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